Over the years, this tutorial has gotten the most action on my blog, hands down. It’s time to freshen up the post.

Eyelet Lace Binding Tutorial 

Eyelet lace is incredibly sweet. If you’ve been curious how to use it in your quilt binding, you’re in the right spot.


First, we’ll be gathering and prepping our supplies {Quilt Sandwich, Eyelet Lace, & Binding}.

Lace Options

I had two eyelet lace options on hand that would work with my quilt. Since this quilt is crib size, I opted for the shorter of the two heights so that my lace is in proportion with the quilt. However, that’s not necessarily important and you may have preferred more lace. This tutorial isn’t height specific. Just keep in mind, you’ll sew a 1/4″ of the lace into the binding. In other words, your finished height will be less 1/4″ of the overall height. You’ll use that formula to determine the right height for your project.

Step 1: Cut Binding Strips {1/2″ Finished Binding}

Cut Binding

Choose your binding fabric {washed & dried}. Iron and cut 1 1/2″ strips in the amount necessary for your quilt {finished binding width will be 1/2″. less than 1/2″ will not work, but for a wider biding, increase the width of your strips accordingly}. With traditional binding, you would need to connect these strips to measure the circumference of your quilt. That is not the case here. You will need 4 strips that measure the length of that particular side and you will not connect them, yet. Of course, you may need to join a strip to measure the distance of one side, but you will want to have 4 separate strips, one for each side.

Step 2: Iron Binding Strips in Half

Iron Binding

 Step 3: Stitch Down the Eyelet Lace – Multiple Steps

Lace Placement

Place the lace, right side facing up, onto the back of your quilt with raw edges together. I’ve placed a pin approximately 3 – 3 1/2″ below the start to show where you would start your stitches. This will leave some room once you’ve made your way around the quilt and need to connect the lace.

Stitching Lace + Corner

My preference is to keep the raw edge of the quilt & lace in line with my sewing foot. To do that, move your needle to the far right. For my machine, the needle lands in the middle of the lace binding, which is perfect. Stitch with your needle down and back stitch when you start to secure your stitches. At the corners, cut a slit in the lace binding {reference above photo}, and make your way around the quilt. Again, back stitch when you stop.

Connect Lace

Before you can finish stitching down the lace, you’ll need to connect the ends that meet. Ideally, try to line up the scallops for a more seamless look. In the photo, my technique is to find a good spot, pin in the wrong direction, and with a erasable pen mark the location of my stitches with simple dots along the raw edge.

Stitching Lace

{photo from original post with difference lace}

Next, pull out the pin, turn the lace so that the right side are together and stitch in a straight line where you’ve made your marks. This is nothing fancy or very technical. In fact, if you take a close look at your lace, locate a spot where the manufacturer has joined the lace sections. You’ll do the same thing. Most importantly, check that where you’ve stitched leaves you the right amount of length to lay flat {not too long or too short} along the remaining edge. If you’re good, trim off the excess leaving 1/8″ – 1/4″ inseam of lace. Finish stitching that section down.

Step 4: Stitch Down Binding on 4 Sides

Stitch Binding

Place your binding with raw edges out just like the quilt and lace. Again, give yourself some room to connect the corners by leaving approximately 3″ of unstitched binding at every corner. I’ve placed a pin to give you a visual of where to start your stitches. You’ll end in the same way.

Stitching Binding

Please back stitch to secure your stitches. Stitch down 1/4″ away from the edge {1/4″ inseam}. Gently tug on the lace to make sure nothing is bunched, which could get caught in the stitches. Note of caution, be careful not to create an inseam larger than 1/4″ if using 1 1/2″ binding strips or you’ll have trouble moving forward.

Step 5: Connect Binding Corners – Multiple Steps

Connect Binding Corners

Please reference the photo, which is probably the most helpful. Simply trim off excess binding that may bypass the side of the quilt. Then, mark dots where the inside corners meet. I use a disappearing ink pen for fabric.

Stitching Corner Binding

Mark a diagonal line from the dot to outside corner and stitch binding strips together along that line. It’s very important to secure your stitches at the start and end so they don’t unravel {this photo may be deceiving. stitches only go though the 2 binding strips, not the quilt}. Now, place the connected binding strips along the corner of your quilt to make sure you have the stitches in the right spot. If so, trim off the inseam to 1/4″ and iron open.

Stitching Corner Binding

{Sewing with your needle down will make this process very simple} Follow up with stitching down the corner binding with 1/4″ inseam. Again, tug on the lace to make sure it’s not bunched and caught in the stitches. Repeat for all corners. You may need to clip off the corner material to reduce the bulk. In fact, I did {no photo}.

Step 6: Complete

Right Side Corner

You’re ready to turn over the binding. This will take some massaging, especially in the corners. With 1 1/2″ strips of binding {1/2″ finished}, it’s just enough to clear/hide the quilt and lace raw edges. I normally don’t pin or clip down the binding, but I do pin the corners for a bit of help. Feel free to do what works best for you.

Sewing Binding

Again, I prefer to line up the right edge of my sewing foot with the right edge of the binding and position my needle to just hit the very outside lip of the binding. For my machine, it’s in a 2.5 position, but it may be different for you. Again, as long as you’re stitching to the far left edge, you’re on the right track. Proceed around your quilt. Back stitch to secure your stitches at start and finish. Of course, hand stitching is always an option too.

You’re done!

Eyelet Lace Binding

{finish photo from original post}

Question? Just ask!


 I Spy ABCs Quilt

I Spy ABCs Quilt

An ABC quilt has been brewing in my mind for quite some time. I wanted an “I spy” element mixed in too. As the March quilter for the Grace Circle of do. Good Stitches, it was the perfect time to give the design a whirl. The letter blocks were made by the Grace stitchers and myself. They are all so great and I want to thank everyone for their contribution. Overall, I’m really happy with the design. I hope to see other variations of the quilt pop up in blog & flickr land. If you choose to make this quilt, please let me know by leaving a comment below and sharing a link to your photo. That would be too fun!

The tutorial {I say that rather loosely} is posted here. Also, please reference the close up finish photos for help while making the letter blocks. It’s really pretty simple to figure out all on your own. If you’re stuck, just shoot me a comment below. I have no problem helping you out.

Ready for some A LOT of pictures?

Each block consists of 2 elements: Color + Fussy Cut Square

The goal was to find a color and fussy cut square that start with the letter. For example, A = Aqua + Apple. Now, this version is very colorful. If you don’t want your quilt to look like a box of crayolas threw up, you could pick a different fabric for the letters and simply focus on the “I Spy” element. You know, variation is good.

A + B + C + D

A + B + C + D

 {A = Aqua + Apple, B = Blue + Bird, C = Coral + Cupcake, D = Tone on Tone Dandelion + Daisy}

E + F + G

E + F + G

{E = Eggplant + Elephant, F = Fuchsia + Flamingo, G = Tone on Tone Green + Grass}

H + I + J

H + I + J

{H = Hunter Green + Horse, I = Indigo + Indian, J = Jade + Jellybeans}

K + L + M

K + L + M

{K = Kiwi + Knickers, L = Lime + Lion, M = Mustard + Mushrooms}

N + O + P

N + O + P

{N = Navajo White + Nuts, O = Orange + Owl, P = Tone on Tone Pink + Princess}

Q + R + S

Q + R + S

{Q = Quail Grey + Quail, R = Tone on Tone Red + Raccoon, S = Strawberry + Skunk & Strawberry}

T + U + V

T + U + V

{T = Turquoise + Tent, U = Ultra Marine + Umbrella, V = Violet + Vegetable}

W + X + Y + Z

W + X + Y + Z

{W = White + Whale, X = Xanthic + X-ray, Y = Tone on Tone Yellow + Yarn, Z = Zucchini + Zebra}

As the blocks arrived, some made me ohhhh. Some made me awww. The knickers just cracked me up! They are all so great in my eyes. I hope each block will be fun to discover for a little one once it’s received by My Very Own Blanket, our designated charity.

Once I put the blocks together, it was pretty modern. Meaning, it was really simple {maybe even boring? gasp.}. The fussy cut squares didn’t really pop out of the blocks like I expected. I thought bordering the quilt with fussy cut squares would bring them out. Well, they sure do. My kids had a good time checking out each block and trying to figure out the picture. In the end, it became even more interactive and I love that about this quilt.

Border {Top Right and Bottom Left}

Border {Top Right & Bottom Left}

Border {Bottom Left}

Border {Bottom Left}

Border {Top Left & Bottom Right}

Border {Top Left & Bottom Right}

Border {Bottom Right}

Border {Bottom Right}

The quilt back has the same ABC theme. The plan was just a framed square of Letterpress in Multi surrounded in Dumb Dot in Charcoal, but I was very short on the ol’ poke-a-dots once I added the border. Hmpf! Luckily, I had a decent amount of Raffle in Grey to make a long strip and save the day. It works, right? Honestly, I would’ve done the back differently had I thought about it a bit longer. The fabrics are perfect, but I would’ve prefered a different layout. Not to linger on that…I’m very pleased with the back too.

I Spy ABCs Quilt. Back

Quilt Back

Back {Closer View}

{Closer View}


Binding in Crosshatch in Curry


Again, thank you to the gals of the Grace Circle. Completely honored to stitch with you all, every month.

The quilting is done with a walking foot in a straight line/diagonal pattern. I did back stitch at the start and finish of my runs to save time. For a more “clean/professional” finish, you would tie off the threads and bury the knots. This quilt will get lots of kid snuggles and is not going to a show to be judged so it didn’t make sense to spend the extra time making it absolutely perfect. Thought I’d mention that in case you cringed. Don’t hate!

♥ Robin

Ps. WIP news! I stole the above binding fabric from another quilt. Yikes! Yes, I STILL haven’t finished my Double Disappearing 9 Patch Quilt. Argh, now what? Guess, I’ll just go with Crosshatch Sketch in Mist that i have on hand. Ha, do I have an issue or what? Gosh, love me some crosshatch sketch.

Just needs binding…

Double Disappearing 9 Patch

Double Disappearing 9 Patch


You heard it! I’m finished, baby. As in, done. Complete. Finito. All pau!

Finished size, 36″ X 51″

Ocean Friends Quilt

{Photo taken at Hawaiian Paradise Park Beach Road. This mural is painted on the side of a house. I asked permission…promise!}

It’s been an adventure. Honestly, I had no idea what I was going to do from block to block. That was the fun part and what kept me interested. During this process, I did reference the internet for ideas. To give credit where credit is due, I’ll share that inspiration. Once I found something online that I thought I could pattern myself, I used graph paper to chart out the course. The main objective here was no applique. I wanted to use traditional piecing as much as possible. In the end, I did use paper piecing for the guppies and applique for the coral. However, it’s mostly pieced traditionally and that’s pretty neato!

Let’s see some photos, eh?

Seaweed + Crab

First, I made some 3D fish blocks {here}. They didn’t make it in the quilt, oops. Swapped them out with some yellow ones, which were a better fabric choice. All the yellow fish have 1 3D fin. My mom has made 3D windmill blocks many times and I think that’s where I got the idea.

Next, I needed some seaweed. Keeping in mind traditional piecing, I remembered blocks I had made for a quilting bee, long ago. Ara Jane’s bits & blocks tutorial was perfect for the seaweed I had in mind. Thanks, lady!

The crab did not come next. Nope. The sea turtle was fixin to drive me batty, but since Mr. Crabby is photo bombing, here’s the lowdown. I did a google search and found the “Feeling Crabby” quilt pattern for sale. I didn’t need the entire pattern so I used graph paper to draw up a pattern of the crab. Sure hope Annie doesn’t mind. Hey, if you’re interested in a crab quilt…go check it out!


The honu {Hawaiian Sea Turtle} was painful to be honest. Ha! Originally posted here. Now, I’m so glad I put in the effort to make it work. I get the sweetest vibe from this cutie!

Let’s see, what came next? Oh yes…

Ocean Waves Blocks

It was the ocean waves blocks. I tweaked a money wrench block pattern to make these work. Can’t tell you how pleased I am with the finish. I’ll be using this pattern again without a doubt. Ignore the jellyfish. It’s not their turn yet!

Tako {Hawaiian Octopus}

Aw, Ms. Tako {Hawaiian Octopus} in all her glory. She’s feisty this is certain. As they are, you know? This block I found online. Well, a version of it anyway. From here, I used graph paper and went with the pixelated look. This was another lengthy process. Again, well worth it. I think she’s very regal.


Now, it’s time for the Jelly twins. They were once conjoined, but that was a very bad thing. You see, they looked like a giant spaceship and that wasn’t quite right.

Jellyfish Blocks

Since their operation, they are doing much better. Inspiration for these guys was found here. Again, graph paper was my go-to.

Angelfish + 3D Fish

Did you notice that massive angelfish next to the spaceship? Yeah, that wasn’t happening either. Once I made the jelly and angelfish, I knew they had to be downsized. The angelfish needed an eyeball too. That might help since he’s about to run into the jellyfish. Phew, disaster avoided. Pattern came out of my head. That might explain why the coloring is inverted. Oh my…

Coral + Guppies

Let’s see, lastly came the guppies and coral. These are the only non traditionally pieced blocks. The turquoise guppies are paper pieced and the coral is appliqued. I found the guppy blocks online, but no pattern was available to my knowledge. So I simply traced my screen for the pattern. Easy as pie! However, since then I’ve found the pattern {now that I’m done of course!}. Here it is if you’re interested. The coral was a push by so many of my dear quilty friends. Thanks gals {you know who you are}! Oh, and the lava rock. Ha…can’t forget that bit of curved piecing. That’s about all the curved piecing I can do without screwing up.

Now, how about the quilting?

Variegated Thread

Have you used variegated thread? Oh my. I had not, but loooooooove it! Such a dynamic effect. It was the perfect choice for this ocean quilt.


More crosshatch sketch was on the menu for the 1/4″ binding. Okay, I need to move on from sketch, but I crushed really hard. Like realllllly hard!


All along, I imagined taking photos of the finished quilt along the cliffs. These cliffs are a quick hop & skip from our home. Lucky? Yes, we’re very blessed. Listening to the waves crash at night is such a privilege. It had been a while since hubs and I took a walk down there together. We had a good time and I was reminded to take advantage of being so close to the ocean. Must. Not. Take. For. Granted!  He was such a good sport and held onto the quilt for dear life when the ocean breeze got to full on windy. Love him. I really do!

Ocean Friends Quilt. Top by Ocean Front

Ocean Friend Quilt. Top by Ocean

I was so pleased with this shot, but we wandered around looking for another location to try. Low and behold, a mural of whales was painted on the side of a house. How did I not know this was there? Wow, I had no choice. We switched gears and now I can’t decide which background I love more. I simply can’t decide so I’m sharing both. If you made it this far into the post, you probably don’t mind. Ha!

Ocean Friends Quilt. Top by Mural

Ocean Friends Quilt by Mural

Ocean Friends Quilt. Back

{Baby’s name is “Kent”. Sorry, hard to see from a distance}


Here’s a close up of the backing fabric. It’s super cute.

Quilt Back

It’s time for me to wrap this quilt up and ship it off to Japan. Bittersweet is the name of the game. Always very hard for me to part with a quilt I’ve worked hard on. Don’t worry, I get over it pretty quick. Thanks for coming along this journey with me.

Guess what, I just received another ocean quilt order. Oh my…

♥ Robin

A Finish, sort of!

Ya’ll, the Ocean Friends top is complete. Oh my! I am thrilled. This sucker was a lot of work. Months of thinking, graph paper, erasers, sewing, resizing, move this, change that…wait something is missing. You get the point. That’s just how it goes without a pattern. It felt very very improv. Well, at last…it’s time to baste and quilt. Yay!

Ocean Friends, finished top.

Ocean Friends, finished top.

I found inspiration for these blocks online, but created patterns myself using graph paper. I’m happy to share those with anyone interested. Just ask. Better pictures to follow once the quilt is completed.

This week, I also finished the March quilt for the Grace Circle of do. Good Stitches. The quilt deserves its own post, but I have to share the finished photo. It was such a fun project. More on that later.

I Spy ABCs. Finished Quilt


Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

♥ Robin


in the works

There’s a bit of this and that happening around here. March was my month to design and quilt for the Grace circle of do. Good Stitches and I’ve been enjoying receiving my bee member’s blocks for the I Spy ABCs quilt. I’ve received a bunch of letter blocks since this photo was taken, but it’ll have to do.

I Spy ABCs Quilt

I Spy ABCs Quilt

Speaking of do. Good Stitches, April instructions for the Grace circle are out and I whipped up my blue star blocks. This was my first time paper piecing and I loved it. Well, I pretty much faced an epic fail on my first attempt. To be honest, these are my 2nd and 3rd blocks. Loved making them and am looking forward to more paper piecing in my future.

April Star Blocks for Grace Circle, do. Good Stitches

April Star Blocks

Also, I’m busy trying to finish up the Ocean Friends quilt, which was an order from Japan. I like to think of it in an improv sort of way. There’s no pattern and it’s just play by play. In this photo, the jellyfish and angelfish are WAY out of proportion. Since, I’ve down sized the angelfish and gave her an eyeball. Ha! Also, turned that massive “spaceship” jellyfish into 2 smaller ones. It’s a lot better now.

Ocean Friends Quilt

Ocean Friends Quilt

Still working on the larger Crown Royal quilt, which is another order for TipToeTango quilts. The top is made from crown royal bags and Kona in medium grey. The fabric for the back of the quilt hasn’t arrived at Hawthorne Threads just yet. Once it does, I’ll be able to finish. As simple as it is, I think the quilting will add some interest and I’m planning on a great finish.

Crown Royal Bags Quilt

Crown Royal Quilt

Last, but not least, I still need to bind my Double Disappearing 9 Patch quilt for my bed. Yes, occasionally I get to keep something I made. What a concept. Ha!

Double Disappearing 9 Patch Quilt

Double Disappearing 9 Patch Quilt

That’s quite a bit more WIPs than usual. Wouldn’t you know, I have more quilt orders that I haven’t started on too. It’s a busy time in my sewing room for sure.

♥ Robin

p.s. my apologizes for iphone pics, but sometimes that’s all i remember to do.

Our Kitchen Remodel

Today, we’re getting personal! Because. I’m. Stoked!

Kitchen & Living Room Wall

Really, I just want to share how excited I am. My husband and I have been wanting to redo our kitchen since we married 3 years ago. It was part of making his home, our home. Plus, there was a wall separating the kitchen and living room, which always made me feel like I was imprisoned when I was cooking. It already takes a good shove to get me in the kitchen in the first place, so I really wanted it to be more inviting. Maybe I would cook more…just maybe. Taking down the wall took a lot of begging on my part. Hubs did not want to deal with that. However, once I came up with this design he was in. As in, let’s get out the drywall saw and hammer RIGHT NOW! I was so excited.

Hubs and I both work at  Jay’s Custom Cabinets. Not only was this remodel important to us on a personal level, but necessary for us to represent our work. I designed and he built & installed. Nothing different from our regular day-to-day working life, but it was a special bonding experience for us both. It was a reminder that we work really well together and have fun doing it {most of the time}. Now, our home is more open and socializing isn’t awkward. It’s nice having people over and not being boxed in the kitchen or the other way around. The breeze and natural lighting is better too, which was an extra bonus as we really hadn’t thought about that. An all around incredible transformation.

You can’t truly appreciate the “after” until you’ve seen the “before”. Gulp. This is actually really hard show because it makes me cringe to the bone!

The old kitchen was a U shape. Pictures are from left to right.


So bad. It was just sooooo bad! Blessed to have that OUT. GONE. BYE-BYE!

Here are some more pictures of the remodel. We aren’t finished yet, but we’re close. Still need to replace the old refrigerator, title the back splashes, and install the light rail (trim to hide the under cabinet lighting). Oh yeah, the under cabinet lighting too. Ha! Then we’ll attack the small bathroom with the same finishes. As homeowners, it never ends…as you well know.


Kitchen. Closer View



Paneled Refrigerator

Paneled Refrigerator

White Upper Cabinets

White Painted Upper Cabinets

White Base Cabinets {Roll Out Shelves + Trash/Recycle Pull Out}

White Painted Base Cabinets

Chocolate Bamboo Island – Left Side {Spice Pull Out + Pot Drawer}

Chocolate Bamboo Island. Left Side

Chocolate Bamboo Island – Right Side

Chocolate Bamboo Island. Right Side

Cambria in Torquay

{This quartz color closely resembles marble}

Cambria in Torquay

Well, that’s a warp so far. Just. Love. It!

♥ Robin

About 2 weeks ago, I was asked to make a blanket. You know, something simple. No fuss at all. Well, I can do no fuss, but let’s make a quilt instead!

I went from 1 quilt order to 5 in 1 month. How did that happen? Luckily they are all due in different months. Thank goodness.

This simple guy was due first.

Instructions were simple: Incorporate an elephant theme + grey, aqua and Chevron fabric.

After looking at different options, the final selections were:

Front: Caravan in Blue by Maude Asbury

Large Elly Print

Front Block Letters: Crosshatch Sketch in Aqua

Sketch in Aqua

Back: Medium Chevron in Aqua. Flannel

Flannel Med Chevron - Back

Binding: Crosshatch Sketch in Grey

Sketch in Grey

It’s fun to have a concept and see if it wall fall into place. It’s never exactly as you imagined. At least not for me. Sometimes it doesn’t work. Sometimes it does. Then there are times it’s so good you’re just blown away. That’s always fun. This layout was so simple that the end result felt somewhat predictable. However, I was really thrilled with the block lettering. I think it was the perfect touch to add something not only personal, but practical. Another popular method of personalizing is embroidery. However, with a lot of washing I was afraid it would fray. This way, there won’t be any issues.

Block Lettering

The name might be a little harder to read now that it’s quilted. Darn! Cute through, right? Speaking of quilting, I decided to sew along the chevron print in the back. Wow! What a chore. Start. Stop. Start. Stop. Start. Stop. You get the idea. When I close my eyes, I still see chevron. Okay, not really!

Chevron Quilting

The binding might be my favorite part. I wanted to incorporate some grey and also tie into the fabric on the block lettering, which was the Crosshatch Sketch in Aqua {if you forgot}. Crosshatch Sketch in Grey was the perfect choice. I really love to use Crosshatch prints for binding. They never disappoint.


This quilt certainly whipped up in a jiffy. Yay for that!

Finished Elly Quilt


Now it’s off to get some snugglin. Oh but wait, baby Anthony is still cookin away in his mama’s tummy. Well, I think that means I’m way early! Oh yes, I like the sound of that.


Now, onto other WIPs and there’s a bunch. Here I go.

♥ Robin



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